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Acne Face Map Possible Solutions

Acne Face Map Possible Solutions

Acne Face Map
Acne Face Map

Acne Face Map – Are you facing the acne on the same places? Here you can get the causes of real Causes of Acne Face Map. Appearing of Acne on specific zone of your face gives pet information about your health. By analyzing your pimples mapping where acne appears on your face you can understand what the actual cause is and prevent them to reappear.

Facial Regions Solutions
Forehead Acne ·        Make a habit of drinking plenty of water in order to flush the toxins.

·        Chew your food efficiently to help the digestive system.

·        Reduce the use of sugar.

·        Get at least 6 to 8 hours sleep with regular schedule.

·        It is commonly saying that early to bed ear to rise makes the man healthy wealthy and wise. So make a habit of early sleeping at 10 pm and wake up early at 6am. Even if you can fall asleep, it is really very good for your lives to get some proper rest and get ready for work for next coming day.

·        Reduce the usage of soda and other carbonated drinks.

·        To reduce the daily stress practice some relaxation techniques.

·        Make a habit of light exercise daily for at least half an hour.

·        Check your beauty products either they are reacting with your skin or not? If yes then change them which is suitable with your skin.

·        Maintain the habit of using diary to keep the track of effected diet and solutions to your problems.

Temples Zits ·        Eat better hygiene food, especially during summer.

·        Try to eat less junk food, fast food and over cooked food.

·        Try to reduce the unhealthy fats from your regular diet.

·        Eat food which are cooling in nature like water melons, cucumbers and gourds

Pimples between the Brows ·        Avoid snacks late at night.

·        Make habit of daily regular exercise of at least half an hour but avoid excessive exercise.

·        Avoid food which has less butter and cheese so called light foods.

·        Sleep more than regular sleep.

·        Avoid the smoking.

·        Avoid the usage of Alcohol.

Nose Pimples ·        Must have vitamin B even though make sure you are taking much quantity of Vitamin B.

·        Try to eat food which has less spices, garlic, onion etc.

·        Daily massage the area around your nose for keeping the nostril better in functionality.

·        Usage of meat should be less often once a week.

·        Make a habit of morning and evening walk. Morning walk before breakfast evening walk after dinner at least 20 minutes.

·        Usage of organic vegetables more.

·        Take breath more in open areas which have fresh air.

·        Reduce the usage of salt.

·        Don’t eat too cold stuff or too hot stuff. Always eat warm or moderate stuff.

Acne at left Cheek ·        Acne at the lower let can represent the poor dental health, try to keep them healthy by brushing daily 2 times i-e morning and evening.

·        Try to establish and main a normal daily routine of life.

·        Clean your cell phones with alcohol.

·        Try to keep the happy and positive mood.

·        Check pillow covers frequently make them clean properly.

·        Make habit of using cooling foods like water melons and green beans.

·        Check your house hold items including shampoos, soaps, deodorants and laundry detergent either they are irritating or not.

·        Never ever try to overeat, especially the junk and Fast food.

·        If your working schedule is afternoon then must relax your eyes for just 5 minutes in an hour.

·        Practice to release stress and try to be calm every time.

·        The time between 1pm to 5pm the liver become the weakest organ of human body. Try to schedule some activities in this time and grab some fresh air for breathing.

·        The time between 1am to 3am the liver become the strongest organ of human body. This is the exact time of sleeping. So must take a nap at this time.

Acne at Right Cheek ·        Reduce the frequent use of junk food and fast food.

·        Acne at lower right cheek shows the bad dental health, so try to keep gum healthy by brushing.

·        In populated cities practice proper hygiene.

·        Avoid things which are hot in nature like mango, taro root, wine and other foods which you me be the sensitive to them.

·        The strongest time for the lungs is between 7am to 9am. This is the best time for the aerobic exercise.

·        Always try to get fresh open air.

·        Avoid high usage of sugar.

Acne at Lip Area ·        Usage of chopstick.

·        Try to take diet enrich of organic fibers.

·        Massage your abdominal area clockwise.

·        Add on more organic Fresh fruits and vegetables in your regular diet.

·        Avoid more spicy and fried foods.

Chin & Jaw Acne ·        Take omega-3s to control or regulate the hormones.

·        Don’t Eat Before going to bed.

·        Check household items like toothpaste, mouthwash and chopstick.

·        Eat more organic and fresh foods.

·        Take massage of your whole body for better working.

·        Take more rest than regular rest.

·        Make a habit of yoga or meditation for reducing stress and control hormones.

·        Have routine checkup of your hormones to check imbalances in hormones.

·        Make a habit of early to bed early to rise.

·        Take exercise daily for 20 minutes.


It is very important to have it in mind that all of the above mentioned possible solutions or remedies to get rid of acnes not applied to everyone. Since everyone has different type of sensitivity one thing works for one may not work for another one. Ultimately it’s up to you 100% to do proper research. Changing the lifestyle and adopting the healthy habits can help to get rid of acne and acne scars.


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